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Insulating Level 3 Trainee Guide, 1e, Binder

Insulating Level 3 Trainee Guide, 1e, BinderPhysical Product
  • By NCCER
  • Pub. Date: Oct 24, 1997 by Pearson.
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-909466-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-909466-8

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This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes Trade Math, Air Duct Systems, Theory of Heat Transfer and Moisture Effects, Adhesives and Their Uses, Steam, Condensate, and Process Water Systems, Large Boilers, Breechings, Precipitators, and Apparatus, Refrigeration and Cryogenic Systems, Specialized Insulation Systems, Blueprints and Specifications, Jacketing Fabrication – Piping and Fittings, Jacketing Fabrication – Vessels and Equipment and Sheet Metal Lagging.


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Table of Contents

19301 Trade Math (7.5 Hours)

Covers the use of measuring tools and scale rulers; describes how to make decimal, dimensional, and temperature conversions; and explains the use of formulas for calculating insulation surface areas of various objects.


19302 Air Duct Systems (5 Hours)

Covers the identification of various duct systems and their associated components.


19303 Theory of Heat Transfer and Moisture Effects (2.5 Hours)

Describes methods of heat transfer and moisture migration and discusses the application of various types of insulation to slow or prevent these processes.


19304 Adhesives and Their Uses (2.5 Hours)

Covers the identification, application, and use of various types of adhesives.


19305 Steam, Condensate, and Process Water Systems (5 Hours)

Covers the identification of steam and condensate piping in buildings and describes various steam and process water systems and their components.


19306 Large Boilers, Breechings, Precipitators, and Apparatus (10 Hours)

Describes various types of boilers and related equipment, and their insulation requirements.


19307 Refrigeration and Cryogenic Systems (2.5 Hours)

Covers the fundamentals of air conditioning and refrigeration systems and their insulation requirements. Also describes the special insulation requirements of extremely low-temperature cryogenic systems. 


19308 Specialized Insulation Systems (5 Hours)

Describes special-application insulation systems, inclow-temperature and prefabricated panels; refractory insulation; soft pads and pre-shaped removablpreinsulated systems; spray, foam, and pour-in-pinsulation; fire stops; noise and sound control systems; and cryogenic applications.


19309 Blueprints and Specifications (12.5 Hours)

Describes how to determine the insulation requirements of a project by interpreting construction drawings. Includes a set of blueprints with the Trainee module.


19310 Jacketing Fabrication – Piping and Fittings (42.5 Hours)

Covers the identification and applications of pipes and pipe fittings and describes the various types of pipe and fitting jacketing, along with layout installation procedures and securements.


19311 Jacketing Fabrication – Vessels and Equipment (40 Hours)

Covers the identification of various types of vessel and equipment jacketing, along with layout, fabrication, installation procedures, and securements.


19312 Sheet Metal Lagging (12.5 Hours)

Describes the identification and application of common sheet metal tools, discusses fabrication and installation methods, and covers flashing and sealing techniques. 

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