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Concrete Construction Level 2, 2nd Edition

Concrete Construction Level 2, 2nd EditionPhysical Product
  • By NCCER
  • Pub. Date: Jan 4, 2021 by Pearson.
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-689832-7
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-689832-0

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Well-illustrated and up to date, this text includespractical information about concrete construction. Special features include:

·        Trade features that present technical tips andprofessional practices based on real-life scenarios like those encountered on ajob site.

·        Notes, Cautions, and Warnings are safetyfeatures that provide additional information, flag hazardous issues orpotentially dangerous situations.

·        Going Green features look at ways to preservethe environment, save energy, and make good choices regarding the health of theplanet.

·        Step-by-step instructions guide trainees throughtechnical procedures and tasks from start to finish.

·        Trade terms present key words and definitions

·        Review questions tie to learning objectives andtasks and reinforce knowledge gained.

Completely updated and revamped, NCCER: ConcreteConstruction Level 2, 2e features a highly illustrated design, technical hintsand tips from industry experts, review questions and more! Key contentProperties of Concrete, Estimating Concrete Quantities, Tilt-Up Wall Systems,Paving, Architectural Finishes, Industrial Floors, Superflat Floors, SurfaceTreatments, Troubleshooting and Quality Control, and Concrete Repair.

Table of Contents

(Total Level Hours: 147.5; 177.5 hours with electives)

23212 Properties of Concrete (15 Hours)

Presents the many possible components of concrete, includingthe desirable properties of the chosen aggregate and water. Includes a reviewof chemical and mineral admixtures, fibers, and special types of concrete. Alsocovers the basics of concrete testing.

23202 Estimating Concrete Quantities (12.5 Hours)

Reviews basic mathematical calculations for area and volumeas well as metric conversions to prepare trainees for the module topic. Areview of drawings and their interpretation is also provided, along withguidance for estimating the volume of concrete needed in placements of variousshapes.

27310 Tilt-Up Wall Systems (17.5 Hours, Elective)

Describes how tilt-up concrete construction is used and howtilt-up panels are formed, erected, and braced. Covers the installation ofrebar and types of embedments used to lift and brace the panels. Also coversmethods used to create architectural and decorative treatments.

36108 Paving (12.5 Hours, Elective)

Describes paving operations, paving equipment, recyclingprocesses, and quality control requirements for both concrete and hot-mixasphalt paving.

23205 Architectural Finishes (22.5 Hours)

Identifies and describes various architectural finishes andhow they are applied. Covers the coloration of concrete surfaces and how to useform liners and stamps to create texture. Provides detailed guidance on thecreation of exposed aggregate finishes.

23206 Industrial Floors (27.5 Hours)

Presents this key segment of concrete flatwork and thecharacteristics of industrial floors while explaining how industrial-classfloors are created, including pre-placement considerations.

23207 Superflat Floors (20 Hours)

Describes random-traffic and defined-traffic superflatfloors and the flat and level characteristics that set them apart from otherslabs. Provides insight into the finishing process and describes how variousfloor-measurement instruments are used to document the results.

23208 Surface Treatments (15 Hours)

Provides detailed coverage of the many methods used toprepare a concrete surface to meet a specific surface profile, from detergentscrubbing to rotomilling. Also identifies and describes how to apply shakes,protective sealants and coatings, and self-leveling toppings and underlayments.

23211 Troubleshooting and Quality Control (15 Hours)

Defines quality control and discusses fresh-concretetroubleshooting and problem resolution. Provides detailed coverage of concretefield tests and specimen preparation according to ASTM standards.

23210 Concrete Repair (20 Hours)

Provides an overview of the concrete repair process,focusing on repairing concrete with concrete. Explains how hidden concretefaults and embedments are located and how to properly prepare reinforcedconcrete for placement of the repair material. Coverage of pre-placement andpost-placements inspections is also provided.

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