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Sheet Metal Level 2

Sheet Metal Level 2Physical Product
  • Pub. Date: Jan 10, 2020 by Pearson.
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-663023-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-663023-4

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This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes:  Trade Math Two, Plans and Specifications, Fabrication Two — Radial Line Development, Sheet Metal Duct Fabrication Standards, Air Properties and Distribution, Bend Allowances, Soldering, Basic Piping Practices and Fiberglass Duct.

Instructor Supplements

Downloadable instructor resources that include module tests, PowerPoints®, and performance profile sheets are available at www.nccer.org/irc.

Table of Contents

Trade Math Two (20 Hours) ISBN 978-0-13-609931-4
(Module ID 04201-08) Demonstrates how to apply formulas to
solve a variety of mathematical problems. Covers linear, area,
volume, and angle measurement and percentage, ratio, and
proportion. Provides practical instruction in using protractors,
vernier calipers, and micrometers and in solving field measuring

Plans and Specifications (20 Hours) ISBN 978-0-13-609932-1
(Module ID 04202-08) Reviews how to read and interpret
section, elevation, and detail drawings. Also covers other
specifications and other sources of project information. Includes
17 construction drawings.

Fabrication Two — Radial Line Development
(55 Hours) ISBN 978-0-13-609933-8
(Module ID 04203-08) Introduces radial line development
principles used to determine layouts for sheet metal fittings.
Includes practice layout and fabrication tasks that allow
trainees to develop and demonstrate their skills.

Sheet Metal Duct Fabrication Standards
(7.5 Hours) ISBN 978-0-13-609935-2
(Module ID 04204-08) Explains how to determine the
requirements for a duct system, including operating pressures,
metal gauges, connectors, reinforcements, tie rods, and seams.
Also reviews how to use standards, codes, and ordinances to
design a duct system

Air Properties and Distribution (15 Hours) ISBN 978-0-13-609936-9
(Module ID 04205-08) Explains the properties of air and how
these properties relate to one another. Teaches how to use the
gas laws, psychrometric charts, and measuring instruments to
evaluate air properties in an air distribution system.

Bend Allowances (5 Hours) ISBN 978-0-13-609937-6
(Module ID 04206-08) Provides instruction and practice in
determining proper bend allowances in sheet metal. Also
reviews the interplay of different factors that affect the amount
of bend allowance needed and the methods for calculating

Soldering (15 Hours) ISBN 978-0-13-609938-3
(Module ID 04207-08) Identifies soldering tools, materials,
and techniques. Also provides a wide range of soldering tasks
for practice.

Basic Piping Practices (7.5 Hours) ISBN 978-0-13-609939-0
(Module ID 04208-08) Reviews the methods for measuring,
cutting, and joining selected types of pipe using fittings,
hangers, and supports. Also reviews pipe materials and

Fiberglass Duct (20 Hours) ISBN 978-0-13-609905-5
(Module ID 04209-08) Describes fiberglass duct layout and
fabrication methods. Also discusses closure, hanging, and
support methods. Explains how to repair major and minor
damage to fiberglass duct. 

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