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Field Safety Spanish Participant Guide, Paperback

Field Safety Spanish Participant Guide, PaperbackPhysical Product
  • By NCCER
  • Pub. Date: Jun 1, 2007 by Pearson.
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-601805-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-601805-6

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

75101-03 Introduction to Safety (2.5 Hours)

This module introduces basic safety concepts and explains the difference between regulatory compliance and best practices. It introduces the participant to OSHA and describes how accidents and their associated costs affect everyone on the job site.


75102-03 Hazard Communication (2.5 Hours)

HazCom is an important part of working safely on any job site. In this module, participants learn appropriate on-site safety and emergency-response procedures. As well, they learn the purpose of MSDSs and warning labels, and how to read, interpret, and use them.


75103-03 Personal Protective Equipment (2.5 Hours)

Participants learn the basics of selecting, using, and maintaining basic personal protective equipment, including safety goggles, gloves, harnesses, hard hats, and hearing protection. Participants also learn about the three main types of respiratory equipment used in construction.


75104-03 Work-Zone Safety (2.5 Hours)

Participants are introduced to the signs, signals, color codes, tags, and barricades commonly found on the job site. They also learn how to use these items to recognize and avoid job-site hazards.


75105-03 Electrical and High-Voltage Hazards (2.5 Hours)

This module introduces participants to lockout/tagout procedures, the risks associated with working around electricity and high voltage, and the effects of electrical shock on the human body. Participants learn to recognize and avoid electrical and high-voltage hazards.


75106-03 Fire Protection and Prevention (2.5 Hours)

This module gives participants the fundamentals of fire protection, prevention, and safety. Participants learn how to avoid fires on the job site and how to appropriately respond when fires do occur. Also addressed are the various types of fires and the specific class of extinguishers used for each.


75107-03 Hand-and Power-Tool Safety (2.5 Hours)

Safe hand- and power-tool use is key to avoiding many preventable accidents. Participants learn to recognize and respond to the various hazards posed by tools and power sources. As well, participants learn to properly use and maintain various types of tools.


75108-03 Welding Safety (2.5 Hours)

Covers the hazards and precautions associated with welding and metal cutting operations, as well as handling and storing compressed gases. Participants learn to use appropriate personal protective equipment and to recognize and prevent unsafe conditions related to welding operations.


75109-03 Fall Protection (2.5 Hours)

In this module, participants learn to identify, avoid, and react to unsafe conditions associated with working at elevations. Also covered are the proper selection and use of fall-protection equipment.


75110-03 Steel Erection (2.5 Hours)

The steel-erection process and its related safety hazards are covered in this module. Participants learn to use appropriate personal protective equipment and to recognize, avoid, and prevent hazardous conditions associated with steel-erection jobs.

field safety


75111-03 Walking and Working Surfaces (2.5 Hours)

Participants learn how to recognize the hazards, employ the safeguards, and avoid and respond to accidents and injuries related to walking and working surfaces.


75112-03 Ladders and Scaffolding (2.5 Hours)

While ladders and scaffolding are common objects on a construction site, they are also a common cause of injuries and accidents. In this module, participants learn to identify, safely set up, and properly use various types of ladders and scaffolding.


75113-03 Horizontal Directional Drilling Hazards (2.5 Hours)

Introduces participants to the hazards related to performing and working near horizontal directional drilling operations. Participants also learn related on-site safety and emergency-response procedures.


75114-03 Heavy-Equipment, Crane, and Rigging Safety (2.5 Hours)

Heavy-equipment is used on a variety of work sites and exposes workers to substantial hazards. Participants are introduced to the types and uses of heavy equipment as well as the hazards, safeguards, and procedures relevant to heavy-equipment, crane, and rigging work.


75115-03 Trenching Safety (2.5 Hours)

Trenching and excavation work exposes workers to a variety of hazards. Participants learn on-site safety and emergency-response procedures related to this work. Participants also learn to recognize unsafe conditions; the signs and causes of unstable trenches; procedures used in shoring, sloping, and shielding safety methods; and how to differentiate between soil types as they relate to excavation work.


75116-03 Forklift Safety (2.5 Hours)

Participants learn safe forklift traveling, load handling, and operation procedures. They also learn to properly perform pre-shift inspections and to work safely in areas where forklifts are in use.


75117-03 Lockout/Tagout (2.5 Hours)

Participants learn to properly use lockout/tagout procedures. They also learn to recognize, avoid, and prevent typical safety hazards and utilize appropriate safeguards related to lockout/tagout procedures.


75118-03 Confined Spaces (2.5 Hours)

Introduces participants to the hazards and safeguards associated with confined-space work. Participants learn the proper on-site safety and emergency-response procedures, and the difference between permit-required and non-permit-required confined spaces.


75119-03 Concrete and Masonry (2.5 Hours)

Concrete and masonry work involves several specific safety hazards. Participants learn to identify, avoid, and respond to these dangers. This module also covers on-site safety procedures and personal protective equipment use.

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