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Project Management, 3rd Edition

Project Management, 3rd EditionPhysical Product
  • By NCCER
  • Pub. Date: Jun 30, 2019 by Pearson.
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-474426-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-474426-1

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This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes: Introduction to Project Management, Safety, Interpersonal Skills, Issues and Resolutions, Construction Documents, Construction Planning, Estimating and Cost Control, Scheduling, Resource Control, Quality Control and Assurance and Continuous Improvement.

Instructor Supplements

Downloadable instructor resources that include module tests, PowerPoints®, and performance profi le sheets are available at www.nccer.org/irc.

Table of Contents

Module ID 44101 - Introduction to Project Management

The construction project manager plays a vital

role in ensuring a project’s overall success. Beginning

with the initial construction request, the

project manager shoulders the responsibility for

planning, organizing, estimating, and scheduling

the activities and resources necessary for completing

a building project according to plan. Whether

it is a residential, commercial, industrial, or civil

project, construction project managers use similar

skills and techniques to coordinate and plan all

phases of a construction project.

Along with fundamental project management

knowledge, the successful construction project

manager possesses strong communication skills, a

thorough understanding of the building process,

and the ability to identify and resolve risks that

could prevent the project from being constructed

on time and within budget. The construction project

manager may also be tasked with understanding

financial challenges, interviewing and hiring

construction workers; and monitoring many of the

day-to-day activities that occur on all construction

sites. (2.5 hours)



Module ID 44102 - Safety

Your safety and loss prevention program should

provide the framework for meeting the company’s

obligation to operate in a safe, efficient, and profitable

manner. It should be included in all phases of

your operation and involve employees at every level.

This module contains suggestions, checklists, and

audit forms that may be useful to you. Keep in

mind that these are resources and references that

you may modify, expand, or condense to suit your

specific needs. (15 hours)


Module ID 44103 - Interpersonal Skills

The purpose of this module is to help project managers

develop interpersonal skills by identifying the

abilities and skills they bring to the job, learning

from their experiences, refining their talents for analyzing

people and situations, and developing stronger

communication skills. (12.5 hours)



Module ID 44104 - Issues and Resolutions

While planning and managing projects, there will

be issues and challenges that need to be resolved.

An effective project manager will be able to resolve

issues before they become serious problems. In

this module, you will learn two essential management

skills: problem solving and negotiating. (15 hours)


Module ID 44105 - Construction Documents

Documentation is vital for a successful business.

Numerous studies indicate that poor documentation

causes the most problems for industry, followed

by poor administration. Documentation is

the who, what, where, when, and how of a construction

project. It is a collection of facts that record

and document the actual history of the project. The

specific documentation you will need to maintain

depends on the type of project and the needs of the

owner, the architect/engineer, the contractors, and

the project team members. Without exception, all

projects should have some form of documentation.

(10 hours)


Module ID 44106 - Construction Planning

Most construction activities are actually quite simple.

Complexity results from having to perform

those activities in a specific sequence and within

a scheduled time frame. As project manager, it is

your job to ensure that the project makes a profit for

the company. This means making the most efficient

use possible of all the equipment, materials, and

workers and coordinating them with the resources

on other projects. (10 hours)


Module ID 44107 - Estimating and Cost Control

The goal of a construction project manager is to

build projects to the standards established in the

drawings and specifications, and to do it within the

estimated time and cost to meet contract requirements.

You must understand budgeted, actual, and

projected costs and be able to perform cost analysis.

Using these skills effectively allows you to be aware

of the cost of doing the work, the cost impact of

rework, and how to exercise controls to keep costs

in line. This module presents information on cost

estimating, project cost awareness, and cost control.

In addition, it offers the project manager the

tools necessary for analyzing job costs. As a project

manager, you should always keep in mind that you

are responsible for ensuring that your company

makes a profit. (15 hours)



Module ID 44108 - Scheduling

Effective schedules are based on good planning.

Once the project is broken down into tasks necessary

to complete the work, developing a schedule

will then define how the project tasks will be completed.

The project manager usually develops the

project schedule with input from others, including

estimators, foremen, superintendents, and managers.

This approach will result in a realistic schedule

and a successfully completed project. (15 hours)



Module ID 44109 - Resource Control

The project manager is responsible for controlling

production so that the project is built within the

specified time and allocated budget. This means

controlling the use of resources, maintaining a safe

work environment, being constantly aware of productivity

rates, and, when necessary, reviewing and

revising work methods. The resources that must be

controlled are materials, tools and equipment, labor,

time, space, and money. This module examines the

topic of resource control and the various parameters

within it. (10 hours)



Module ID 44110 - Quality Control and Assurance

In any construction company, quality should be as

much the responsibility of the president as the project

manager and craftworker. As project manager,

you must be aware of the fundamental concepts of

an effective quality control and assurance process

and apply them in day-to-day management activities.

Many companies have established quality standards

covering all aspects of quality control and assurance,

from pre-planning to final inspection. Project

managers in such companies should become familiar

with these standards and incorporate them into

their daily activities. (5 hours)


Module ID 44111 - Continuous Improvement

In today’s construction industry, many companies

have an improvement process that is integrated into

their business model to better achieve their quality

standards and client satisfaction. In this module, you

will explore the process of continuous improvement.

You will develop answers to key questions: What

is continuous improvement? How is it performed?

What makes it work? (5 hours)

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