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Tennessee Residential and Commercial Construction II (Level 3) Trainee Guide

Tennessee Residential and Commercial Construction II (Level 3) Trainee GuidePhysical Product
  • By NCCER
  • Pub. Date: Dec 16, 2016 by Pearson.
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-455003-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-455003-9

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Tennessee Residential and Commercial Construction II (Level 3)


ISBN: 978-0-13-455003-9



This custom text contains selected modules from NCCER’s Construction Technology curriculum designed by highly qualified subject matter experts and includes theoretical and practical skills, and is ideal for programs in construction.  It consists of modules on masonry, roofing, exterior finishing, and others from various NCCER programs and is available in full color.


To provide a comprehensive, user-friendly resource, the text incorporates various features to provide students with the proper tools to get started in the trade. These features include:

-          Learning objectives, Performance Tasks, and Trade Terms are found at beginning of each module

-          Color illustrations and photographs are used throughout the text to highlight important concepts and help clarify complex instructions

-          Special Features provide a head start for those entering the field by presenting technical tips and professional practices from operators in various disciplines

-          Safety features are set off from the

-          main text in highlighted boxes and organized into Notes, Cautions, and Warnings based on the potential danger of the issue being addressed

-          Going Green looks at ways to preserve the environment, save energy, and make good choices regarding the health of the planet

-          Did You Know features offers hints, tips, and other helpful information from the trade

-          Step-by-step instructions guide students through technical procedures and tasks

-          Each module presents a list of Trade Terms that are discussed within the text and defined at the end of each module

-          Review Questions at the end of each module are provided to reinforce the knowledge students have gained




An electronic version of this custom text is available in VitalSource.


A printed Teacher Edition, ISBN 978-0-13-455005-3, contains an instructor’s copy of the student edition as well as lesson plans for each module. Online instructor resources include a Test Bank, PowerPoints, and other support material.

This textbook is also sold in the various packages listed below. Before purchasing one of these packages, speak with your professor about which one will help you be successful in your course.

Package ISBN-13:9780134561318

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This package contains:

  • Tennessee Residential and Commercial Construction II (Level 3) Trainee Guide
    By NCCER|©2017|Cloth ; 856 pages
  • Tennessee HVAC (Level 3) Trainee Guide eBook -- Access Card (6-year)
    By NCCER|©2017|Access Card Package
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