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Boilermaking Level 3 Trainee Guide in Spanish, 2nd Edition

Boilermaking Level 3 Trainee Guide in Spanish, 2nd EditionPhysical Product
  • By NCCER
  • Pub. Date: Apr 15, 2014 by Pearson.
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-391084-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-391084-1

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This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes: Plasma Arc Cutting (PAC), Boiler Pressure Components, Boiler Nonpressure Components, Boiler Auxillaries, BRIL (Brick, Refractory, Insulation, and Lagging), Advanced Tube Work, Testing Piping Systems and Equipment, Rigging, and Towers and Exchangers.


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·    Annotated Instructor's Guide (AIG) Paperback (Includes access code for Instructor Resource Center) 978-0-13-266245-1   

·   TestGen Software and Test Questions - Available for download from  www.nccercontrenirc.com. Access code comes in AIG and also available separately. 

·    Additional TestGen Software Access Code Cards 978-0-13-213789-8

·  PowerPoint® Presentation Slides 978-0-13-266247-5

Table of Contents

(Total Level Hours: 167.5)


29103-09 Plasma Arc Cutting (PAC ) (10 Hours)

Explains plasma arc cutting equipment and safe work area preparation. Identifies correct amperage settings, gas

pressures, and flow rates. Covers plasma arc cutting methods for piercing, slotting, squaring, and beveling metals. Explains

how to store equipment and clean the work area.


34301-11 Boiler Pressure Components(25 Hours)

Describes the pressure components of a boiler system and their locations. Explains the procedures required to repair pressure

components of a boiler.


34302-11 Boiler Nonpressure Components (15 Hours)

Describes the nonpressure components of a boiler system and their locations. Explains the procedures required to repair

pressure components of a boiler.



34303-11 Boiler Auxiliaries (25 Hours)

Describes the air flow systems within a boiler system. Explains the different fuels used to fire boiler system furnaces. Describes

ash removal systems and the equipment used to protect the environment. Covers the feed water system into a boiler and

the blow down from a boiler system.



34304-11 BRIL (Brick, Refractory, Insulation, and Lagging) (5 Hours)

Describes the various types of BRIL and explains their functions. Also addresses the hazards associated with BRIL.



34305-11 Advanced Tube Work (20 Hours)

Explains the methods used to identify problem tubes and the methods used to extract them. Also describes the methods

used for replacing and plugging tubes.



34306-11 Testing Piping Systems and Equipment (20 Hours)

Lists pretest requirements for boiler system piping systems and equipment. Describes service and flow tests, head pressure

tests, and hydrostatic tests performed on boiler system piping systems and equipment.


34307-11 Rigging (22.5 Hours)

Describes common rigging hardware and equipment and how to inspect it. Identifies special rigging equipment. Covers

the knots used in rigging and the hand signals used to communicate with crane operators. Describes basic rigging and

crane safety procedures. Explains how to balance loads.


34308-11 Towers and Exchangers (25 Hours)

Explains the basic distillation process. Identifies various types of towers and their components. Explains the function of

various types of towers. Identifies various types of exchangers and their components. Explains exchanger functions.

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