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Power Line Worker Level 2: Transmission Trainee Guide

Power Line Worker Level 2: Transmission Trainee GuidePhysical Product
  • By NCCER
  • Pub. Date: Jan 27, 2012 by Pearson.
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-273033-2
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-273033-4

Student/Retail Price: $133.32

Institutional/Business Price: $99.99

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This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes: Alternating Current and Three-Phase Systems, Transmission Structure Rigging, Transmission Structure Erection, Transmission Equipment Installation, and Transmission System Maintenance. 

Table of Contents

(Total Level Hours: 175)


Alternating Current and Three-Phase Systems (17.5 Hours)

Trainee $19 ISBN 978-0-13-274259-7

Instructor $19 ISBN 978-0-13-274266-5

Introduces the development of both single- and three-phase alternating current. Analyzes the relationship of AC phases and

introduces key components used to refine AC power. Discusses the operation of transformers and introduces trainees to

advanced AC concepts such as reactive power and the power factor. (Module ID 80201-11)


Transmission Structure Rigging (17.5 Hours)

Trainee $19 ISBN 978-0-13-296770-9

Instructor $19 ISBN 978-0-13-296771-6

This module covers rigging equipment and practices specific to transmission structures. Coverage includes slings, crane

stability, and the safe use of personnel platforms. (Module ID 81201-11)


Transmission Structure Erection (50 Hours)

Trainee $19 ISBN 978-0-13-274276-4

Instructor $19 ISBN 978-0-13-274280-1

Describes the erection requirements for various types of transmission structures, including steel towers, wood

structures, and different types of poles. The module covers general construction requirements, as well as right of way

clearing, foundations, framing and erection, guying and anchoring, and grounding and bonding. (Module ID 81202-11)


Transmission Equipment Installation (50 Hours)

Trainee $19 ISBN 978-0-13-274277-1

Instructor $19 ISBN 978-0-13-274281-8

This module focuses on the safe installation of insulators and conductors. Coverage includes stringing and splicing of

conductors, conductors terminations, conductor sagging, clipping in, and the installation of accessories such as vibration

dampers, spacers, warning lights, and day markers. (Module ID 81203-11)


Transmission System Maintenance (40 Hours)

Trainee $19 ISBN 978-0-13-274278-8

Instructor $19 ISBN 978-0-13-274282-5

Coverage includes safety practices related to working with helicopters, as well as inspection of insulators, towers, and

poles. The module covers clearance procedures, as well as environmental concerns such as protection of wetlands,

waterways, and wildlife. (Module ID 81204-11)

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