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Boilermaking Level 2 Trainee Guide, 2nd Edition

Boilermaking Level 2 Trainee Guide, 2nd EditionPhysical Product
  • By NCCER
  • Pub. Date: May 20, 2011 by Pearson.
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-213705-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-213705-8

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This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes:Boiler Systems and Components, Identifying and Installing Valves, Pipe Hangers and Supports, Drawings and Detail Sheets, Fasteners and Anchors, Welding Symbols, Socket Weld Pipe Fabrication, Butt Weld Pipe Fabrication, Tube Weld Preparation and Fitting, and Arc Carbon Cutting and Gouging.

Table of Contents

(Total Level Hours: 185)


34201-11 Boiler Systems and Components (22.5 Hours)

Introduces the trainee to different boiler configurations and applications. Identifies different boiler components and

explains their functions.


34202-11 Identifying and Installing Valves (20 Hours)

Identifies and explains different types of valves found in boiler systems. Identifies valve components and explains their

functions. Explains how to select, store, handle, and install valves. Also explains how to interpret valve markings and

nameplate information found on valves.


34203-11 Pipe Hangers and Supports (25 Hours)

Identifies pipe hangers and supports found on the job. Explains how to read and interpret pipe support drawings and symbols.

Explains how to select, store, handle, install, and maintain spring can supports.


34204-11 Drawings and Detail Sheets (15 Hours)

Explains how to read blueprints or drawings and their symbols. Explains plot plans, structural drawings, elevation

drawings, as-built drawings, equipment arrangement drawings, P&IDs, isometric drawings, spool sheets, detail sheets, and

orthographic drawings.


34205-11 Fasteners and Anchors (5 Hours)

Covers threaded and non-threaded fasteners and anchoring devices. Explains how to select fasteners and anchors for given

applications. Describes and explains how to install threaded, non-threaded, and insulated fasteners and anchors.


34206-11 Welding Symbols (5 Hours)

Explains the different parts of a welding symbol and how to read symbols on welding drawings, specifications, and welding

procedure specifications. Describes the symbols for fillet welds, groove welds, miscellaneous other welds, and non-destructive



34207-11 Socket Weld Pipe Fabrication (25 Hours)

Identifies and explains different types of socket weld piping materials and fittings. Explains how to read socket weld piping

drawings. Explains how to determine pipe lengths between socket weld fittings, as well as how to mate socket weld

fittings to pipe.


34208-11 Butt Weld Pipe Fabrication (40 Hours)

Covers preparing pipe ends for butt welding; determining pipe lengths between butt weld fittings; and using welding jigs to

align pipe and butt weld fittings for welding. Explains how to select and install backing rings.


34209-11 Tube Weld Preparation and Fitting (15 Hours)

Describes the various methods used to gain access to boiler tubes needing repair, as well as the methods used to prepare

boiler tubes for replacement. Explains how to fit-up a section of boiler tube. Describes welding procedures for making butt

welds on standard carbon steel tubes and composite tubes.


34210-11 Arc Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging (12.5 Hours)

Describes air carbon arc cutting (CAC-A) equipment and processes. Explains how to select and install CAC-A electrodes

and how to prepare work area and CAC-A equipment for safe operation. Also provides instructions for using CAC-A equipment

for washing and gouging activities.


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