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Plumbing Level 2 Trainee Guide, 3e, Binder, 3rd Edition

Plumbing Level 2 Trainee Guide, 3e, Binder, 3rd EditionPhysical Product
  • By NCCER
  • Pub. Date: Aug 9, 2005 by Pearson.
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-109184-0
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-109184-9

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This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes Plumbing Math Two, Reading Commercial Drawings, Hangers, Supports, Structural Penetrations, and Fire Stopping, Installing and Testing DWV Piping, Installing Roof, Floor, and Area Drains, Types of Valves, Installing and Testing WaterSupply Piping, Installing Fixtures, Valves, and Faucets, Introduction to Electricity, Installing Water Heaters, Fuel Gas Systems and Servicing of Fixtures, Valves, and Faucets.


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Table of Contents

02201-05 Plumbing Math Two (15 Hours)

Explains the Pythagorean theorem and reviews methods for finding angles. Discusses the techniques used to calculate simple and rolling offsets, as well as offsets on parallel runs of pipe.


02202-05 Reading Commercial Drawings (20 Hours)

Teaches trainees how to interpret and use civil, architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical drawings when installing plumbing systems. Covers how to create and use isometric drawings, material takeoffs, and approved submittal data.


02203-05 Hangers, Supports, Structural Penetrations, and Fire Stopping (10 Hours)

Introduces trainees to methods for attaching and running DWV and water supply piping in relation to structural elements, including pipe hangers and supports, modifications to structural members, and fire-stopping.


02204-05 Installing and Testing DWV Piping (25 Hours)

Explains how to locate, install, connect, and test a complete drain, waste, and vent (DWV) system.


02205-05 Installing Roof, Floor, and Area Drains (5 Hours)

Covers the proper techniques for locating, installing, and connecting roof, floor, and area drains according to code. Also discusses waterproof membranes and flashing, drain components, and proper drain applications.


02206-05 Types of Valves (5 Hours)

Reviews the many types of valves, their components, and valve applications. Also covers valve repair and replacement.


02207-05 Installing and Testing WaterSupply Piping (20 Hours)

Explores the proper techniques for locating, intalling, and testing complete water supply systems, includimeters, water heaters, water softeners, and hose bibbs.  Reviews common code requirements for water supply systems.


02208-05 Installing Fixtures, Valves, and Faucets (20 Hours)

Covers the installation of basic plumbing fixtures, including bathtubs, shower stalls, lavatories, sinks, water closets, and urinals. Also reviews the installation of associated valves, faucets, and components.


02209-05 Introduction to Electricity (15 Hours)

Introduces trainees to the principles of electricity, including voltage, current, resistance, and power. Includes important electrical formulas, circuitry, and common plumbing-related electrical applications.


02210-05 Installing Water Heaters (5 Hours)

Discusses gas-fired, electric, solar, instantaneous, and indirect water heaters, components, and applications. Reviews proper installation and testing techniques and covers the latest federal guidelines that apply to water heaters.


02211-05 Fuel Gas Systems (20 Hours)

Introduces the techniques for safe handling of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and fuel oil. Reviews fuel gas and fuel oil applications, systems installation, and testing.


02212-05 Servicing of Fixtures, Valves, and Faucets (5 Hours)

Covers the troubleshooting and repair of fixtures, valves, and faucets in accordance with code and safety guidelines.

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