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Safety Technology Participant Guide, Paperback

Safety Technology Participant Guide, PaperbackPhysical Product
  • By NCCER
  • Pub. Date: Nov 3, 2003 by Pearson.
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-106258-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-106258-0

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This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes: Introduction to Safety Technology, Hazard Recognition - Evaluation and Control, Risk Analysis and Assessment, Inspections - Audits and Observations, Employee Motivation, Site-Specific ES&H Plans, Emergency Action Plans, JSAs and TSAs, Safety Orientation and Training, Work Permit Policies, Confined-Space Entry Procedures, Safety Meetings, Accident Investigation: Policies and Procedures, Accident Investigation: Data Analysis, Recordkeeping, OSHA Inspection Procedures, ES&H Data Tracking and Trending, and Environmental Awareness.


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Table of Contents

75201-03 Introduction to Safety Technology (2.5 Hours)

Participants learn the roles and responsibilities of the safety technician. Also discussed are the three levels of accident causation, accident cost impact, safety program components, and government regulatory requirement impact on the construction industry.


75202-03 Hazard Recognition, Evaluation, and Control (2.5 Hours)

Participants are taught the techniques used to recognize hazards, unsafe acts, and unsafe conditions on the job site. They also learn to evaluate acceptable job-site risk levels and are introduced to the seven major methods of hazard control.


75203-03 Risk Analysis and Assessment (2.5 Hours)

Focuses on the relationship between human behavior and work-site safety. Participants learn the factors involved in performance analysis and the techniques used to coach and counsel workers with performance problems.


75204-03 Inspections, Audits, and Observations (2.5 Hours)

Introduces participants to the roles and responsibilities of the safety technician with regard to on-site inspections, audits, and observations. Participants learn the purpose of safety inspections and learn to properly conduct safety audits and employee observations.


75205-03 Employee Motivation (2.5 Hours)

Stresses the importance of effectively communicating safety policies and procedures to all employees on the job site. Participants learn to provide employee recognition, discipline, and motivation.


75206-03 Site-Specific ES&H Plans (2.5 Hours)

Environmental Safety and Health (ES&H) plans must be modified to meet job-specific conditions. In this module, participants learn to make these modifications, coordinate implementation of ES&H plans, identify job-specific hazards and requirements using pre-bid checklists, and evaluate hazard risks.


75207-03 Emergency Action Plans (2.5 Hours)

This module focuses on the basics of emergency action plans and media communications.


75208-03 JSAs and TSAs (2.5 Hours)

Covers the purposes of and differences between job safety analyses and task safety analyses. Participants learn to properly conduct safety analyses.


75209-03 Safety Orientation and Training (2.5 Hours)

The basics of safety training program coordination are covered in this module. Participants learn to effectively implement safety training.


75210-03 Work Permit Policies (2.5 Hours)

Focuses on the roles and responsibilities of the safety technician with regard to work permit policies. Participants learn about safety technicians’ permit-related roles in hot work, confined-space work, excavation work, electrical hot work, and lockout/tagout procedures.


75211-03 Confined-Space Entry Procedures (2.5 Hours)

Stressing the safety requirements of confined-space work, this module covers related permit, entry, emergency, and rescue procedures. Participants also learn the main types of atmospheric hazards and the procedures used for testing for them in confined spaces.


75212-03 Safety Meetings (2.5 Hours)

Participants learn to effectively communicate safety issues and concerns to workers through safety meetings. Also covered are methods for using safety meetings to implement corrective actions to unsafe practices and behavior.


75213-03 Accident Investigation: Policies and Procedures (2.5 Hours)

Participants learn the connection between accident investigation and accident prevention in this module. Also covered are the purposes and uses of accident investigations. Participants learn to properly conduct accident investigation interviews and fill out related forms.


75214-03 Accident Investigation: Data Analysis (2.5 Hours)

Expands on the concept of accident investigation as a preventative tool. Participants study and practice the methods commonly used for performing accident investigation data analysis in this module. 


75215-03 Recordkeeping (2.5 Hours)

Accurate recordkeeping is essential for OSHA compliance. Participants learn to follow OSHA recordkeeping requirements, and to properly document work-related illnesses and injuries using the appropriate OSHA forms.


75216-03 OSHA Inspection Procedures (2.5 Hours)

Focusing on the safety technician’s role during OSHA inspections, this module covers the process and purpose of OSHA site inspections. Participants learn the difference between focused and wall-to-wall inspections, the appropriate follow-up actions resulting from an inspection, and the consequences of OSHA citations, violations, and fines.


75217-03 ES&H Data Tracking and Trending (2.5 Hours)

Participants learn the traditional and proactive methods of measuring safety performance. They learn to analyze data to identify safety program strengths and isolate areas needing improvement.


75218-03 Environmental Awareness (2.5 Hours)

Minimizing hazardous-waste production and preventing water and soil contamination are covered in this module. Participants learn about the training and medical surveillance requirements for personnel working with materials such as hazardous waste, lead, asbestos, and silica. Also covered are the primary types of environmental problems and the hazardous-waste shipping requirements common on a construction site.  


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